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On the way from San Diego to San Francisco we stopped again in LA to visit Disneyland. We planned it that way to avoid being there at the weekend. Still there were a lot of people so I really can´t imagine how crazy it must be here in high season on a weekend. We stood in queues for ages until we could do a ride. Disneyland was quite similar to Universal Studios, but even more focussed on small children. Also Disneyland was more pricey. In my opinion it is absolutely enough to do the Universal Studios when visiting LA. Also, there is a Disneyland in Paris too, so no reason to fly for this so far.

Hollywood, Graduation ceremony, Beverly Hills, Walk of Fame, Venice Beach

Then next days, after Universal Studios, we had a tight schedule. Visiting the typical spots to see in LA and go to Michaelas MBA graduation ceremony

Hollywood sign: We drove up the hill as near as possible to make some pictures of this famous sign.

Graduation ceremony: Congratulations Michi!! Was quite interesting to witness this ceremony – really like you see it in the movies. Really, a lot of the stuff you see in Hollywood movies are real life around here and not some overdoing by Hollywood.

Beverly Hills: very neat place; we drove a bit around by car and had a look.

Walk of Fame: this was a bit disappointing. Only a very short area of the Walk of Fame was really nice. Already one block away from the Chinese Theater the street is becoming more and more shabby. I think it is not always such an honour to get a star on the walk of fame if it is far away from the theater.

Venice Beach: nice beach with a lot of alternative shops and a lot of people. Quite an amount of this people looked quite crazy and/or on drugs…

Universal Studios

First thing on our bucket list were the Universal Studios. It was a hot day, but we did pretty good. We expected more stuff about making movies but the main attractions were rides. All of the rides were linked to movies, but still we had expected something different. Overall it was a great day.

Welcome to the US mainland


We arrived in LA after sunset and so we had an impressive view over the city with its lights. It is crazy how big the dimensions of this city are – the area is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. Easiest way to imagine this region is this: Take all buildings in Bavaria and put them all next to each other with a park or a lake  here and there and in between place some big freeways with a lot of traffic 24/7.

Eva and I were picked up by Eva´s sister Michaela and her boyfriend Mario. So for the next three weeks we will travel together. The car we have is a midsize SUV and it´s really just big enough for the 4 of us and our stuff.