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Goodbye Tasmania – Hello Sydney

Today we gave our rental car back (the car carried us 1892km through Tasmania)Ā at the lovely Hobart International Airport and checked in for the flight to Sydney. Flight was nice – carrying or heavy luggage and the fact that the airport trains were out of service was not so nice. At least the busses, that drove instead, were for free šŸ™‚

We are staying again in such an airbnb-found private accomodation. To be honest, the first few hours showed already that a loft, besides that it looks great, has quite some drawbacks……

Some Impressions

WeĀ found a good internet connection to upload some pictures.

You can see pictures of our arrival and then some pictures of the MONA – museum of old and modern art in Hobart. Great Museum! Like a piece of art that writes words with water drops, etc.

From Hobart itself I didnĀ“t make that much pictures – I try to take Pictures when the Motive is really worth it and Hobart, yeah, itĀ“s a nice town but nothing special to photograph.

We are travelling now with a car to the north – letĀ“s see how often there a possibility is to add an entry.

New day, better mood

Yesterday was tough. The flights exhausted us more than we realized at the beginning. After we arrived in Hobart we thoght first everything is fine with us, but now I know we were quite done. The hostel we booked for the first night shocked us and so we desparately organized a other stay for tonight. Today I see it more relaxed. Also to writeĀ the blog entry yesterday took me double the time – i dozed off for some seconds after every sentence. So letĀ“s see what today brings – at least some pictures for the blog I think. šŸ˜‰