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that’s the amount of minutes (+/- 20min) it took us to travel one time around the world. Or – to say it in a better way: 278 days, 14 hours and 15 minutes.

Welcome surprise at the airport! :D Happy, but exhausted after the long flight!
Welcome surprise at the airport! 😀 Happy, but exhausted after the long flight!

And for this time I use Munich airport as reference since we closed the loop exactly where we are standing on the picture above.

Let’s compare the route we planned…


…with the one we’ve actually done:


The most obvious thing is that we managed only half the island destinations we wanted to do. Instead we travelled through Australia more thoroughly and added Uruguay. We skipped the east coast of the USA (special thanks again to the US homeland security and border control) and focussed on the western parts of the US and Canada with much more driving distance and much less flying compared to the original plan. South America was at the time of the rough plan really in a far future, so there were a lot of changes – the most noteworthy one is that we couldn’t take a rental car due to the high costs with not very much insurance.

Overall everything worked out great and it was an amazing trip. When we arrived at home I didn’t feel like I had been away for so long. I think the internet changed the way of travelling completely. Mostly it really doesn’t matter where you are on the globe – if the internet connection is good you can keep in touch with everyone.

Good to be home again!!! There is no place like home. 😀


Any ideas and recommendations…

… for our upcoming destinations: New Zealand, mainland Australia and Hawaii?

Please let us know about nice places you have already visited and things you have done in these countries. Or about things you would have liked to do, but that you have missed and want us to do now ;P

We are very curious about your experiences and suggestions.

But please no parachute jumps, sailing flights or five-star hotels…remember we are on a low budget 😉

Preparations are nearly finished…..

… but still there are some points open – so no time to relax yet.

For example: I weighted all the pieces that will be in the big backpack and it seems I will reach around 19kg – too much, so I´ve to work on it. Below you see my assembly of stuff that I´m going to take with me.


Eva was much more  succesful with her first packing attempt – without sleeping bag and without some minor stuff she achieved around 12kg for her main luggage.

To my defence, beside the bigger size of my clothes, I also carry the camping cooking equipment and the tent.