Wine or no wine – that is the question

We chose no wine since we stayed not very long in Mendoza and wine is a heavier burden on the budget compared to fruit juice. For myself I expected Mendoza to be different as it actually was. I expected an old town center like Sevilla or Salamanca, but there was nothing like that. So the town itself is rather boring. The only thing that was as expected were the huge areas that were used for vineyards. It is possible to spend quite some time there to visit all the wine farms. Perhaps another time for us, when we are older and travelling with a group of people.

The most interesting thing for us was our first encounter with the “Blue Rate”. By the time I write this the official exchange rate for one USD is about 8.5 Argentine Pesos. When we left the bus and entered the bus station there was already a guy walking around whispering “cambio, cambio”. We asked for the exchange rate and he said 14.5 Pesos per Dollar if we have 100 Dollar bills. For the three 20 Dollar bills we offered him he granted us a rate of 14.2. In the hostel where we stayed the exchange rate was 12. Next day we could achieve 14.8 for a hundred Dollar bill. Without this, Argentina would be quite expensive concerning some products and services because the inflation is quite high. So, the main challenge for us is now to have hard currency, to find someone who is willing to change at a good rate and to secure that we don’t get any fake money.

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