Way through the mountains

Before we arrived in Santiago we thought already about a way to travel to Argentina. I looked for information about buses and so I found several reports that the crossing of the Andes from Santiago to Mendoza is a must-do. It was also recommended to book a seat on the upper level in the first row to enjoy the ride in the best possible way.

Latest after I checked the prices for a flight to Buenos Aires I was absolutely convinced that we have to take the bus. We booked a passage with Andesmar and were able to get first row seats. Besides that, we were lucky to have great weather. It was really absolutely amazing – the best bus ride ever. The only drawback was the 2 hour waiting time at the border station.

At last a note on the history of this route through the Andes: the pass we took is called Los Libertadores. This name originated from the fact that the Argentinian General San Martin led his army from Mendoza along this way to Chile to bring freedom and independence from Spain. Later on he also liberated Peru.

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