Imagine a city on the peak of Großglockner…

During the flight from Arequipa to Cusco we could see a bit more of the Andes. Cusco airport means no fun for the pilot: the airport is located in the middle of the town and in a quite narrow valley. During landing, the slopes of the surrounding mountains are really close. So no wonder that they plan to build a new airport an hour away from Cusco.
It was a good thing that we spent some time in Arequipa before we came to Cusco, because Cusco is located on 3.600 m above sealevel. Many tourists make the mistake to fly directly from Lima to Cusco and so quite often they suffer from altitude sickness. Some of the better hotels even provide oxygen masks to help their customers through the worst moments. One way or the other: Cusco is breathtaking, at least in the first few days.
After the arrival of the Spanish, the former capital city of the Inkas was completely transformed. Only around the city several ruins survived.

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