Huge Difference

The change in weather between Galapagos and Lima was really extreme: Galapagos has nice temperatures and high chances for sun. Lima welcomed us with low temperatures, a constant thick fog and such a high humidity that nothing stays dry. Even the bed linen had a moist touch.
But we didn’t go there for sightseeing anyway. It was really hell of a time for a break. For about 6 months we have been travelling now and we’ve stayed nowhere longer than for 5 nights. In fact only in Auckland we spent 5 nights in a row, everywhere else less than that. So we booked a flat in Lima’s nice district of Miraflores for two weeks and except for one trip into the historic town center we did no sightseeing at all. But we did a one-week spanish course. And we did some planning for our further travelling. But the main focus was to relax. Lima was really something totally different to everything we did in the last half year.


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