Puerto Baquerizo Moreno / Isla San Christóbal

After a quite rough ride with the nutshell (aka. “ferry”) we arrived well-soaked in salt water at the island San Christóbal. On this day the weather stayed bad, so except for dinner we didn’t leave our accommodation anymore – specially because we had to get dry and heat ourselves up. Not so easy when there is no heating and nothing that can be called a hot shower. During our walk for dinner we figuered out that Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is totally different to Puerto Ayora. Tourists are rare and most of the places that are made for tourists do not seem to want them. This starts already at the tourist information – they had no map of the town available and were not really in the mood to be interrupted during their private chit-chat for longer than absolutely necessary.

With some info from an Austrian woman, who spent some weeks on San Cristóbal to do voluntary work, we decided to do a half day trip with a taxi to some places along the island’s only main road. And we visited a snorkling spot in walking distance from the harbour, which would have been quite nice, had there been better weather… a highlight were some sea-lions joining us in the water.

After 2 nights we were happy to enter another nutshell that brought us back to Puerto Ayora.

4 thoughts on “Puerto Baquerizo Moreno / Isla San Christóbal

  1. Sounds like you did not enjoy the island but the pictures are amazing! We only did a day trip there and had a great day snorkling with the sharks!

    1. Hej!
      We were not that happy with Galapagos overall – but yes, we made a lot of amazing pictures.
      I think we weren´t at a good time there – Humbolt stream caused bad visibility at Kicker Rock, so we didn´t go and the mountain peaks of the higher islands were always in clouds. but what can you do, it is as it is…

  2. Hi Ihr Beiden! Schade, dass die Erfahrungen und leider auch das Wetter auf dieser Insel San Christobal nicht so berauschend waren, aber die Seelöwen sind putzig. Die Natur um Galapagos ist schon sehr beeindruckend.
    Wir haben gestern die köstlichen steirischen Käferbohnen verputzt.

    Ein kräftiges Holladiriööö von
    Claudia und Ernst

    1. Hi!
      Meistens spielen ja die jungen Seelöwen mit den Schnorchlern/Tauchern im Wasser. Die sind nicht so groß – im Gegensatz zu den ausgewachsenen Männchen. Auf jeden Fall stinken die Seelöwen im Wasser nicht, ganz im Gegensatz dazu wenn sie an Land rumknotzen.

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