Top-of-the-World Highway

Yeah, it’s really called that way – but 50% of the road is unsealed and another 20% are in a bad condition. But they are about to change that, at least on the US side of the road. In fact we expected only 19 km of unsealed road, not 50 km. But it was worth it – even the border control there was somehow exciting, because this border station is 1h away from any settlement and located on the second highest point of the mountain ridge that the road follows. The boarder station looks kind of remote and lonely up there.

But before we could turn into the TotW Hwy we had to pass the US border on the Alaska Hwy. This was really easy – only 4 questions were asked and that’s next to nothing for a US immigration officer. First thing we did in the USA was fueling up, because there the fuel is much cheaper. Another thing that is typically US: The traffic signs have much more bullet holes than the ones in Canada. If there was a sign with the wording “5000$ fine for shooting traffic signs”, I bet this sign would have hundrets of bullet holes. Overall we stayed only for 3h in the US and we visited only one “town”. This place was called Chicken and makes most of its money with fuel and crazy T-Shirts that relate to the name of Chicken. We fueled up again, but we didn’t buy a T-shirt.

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