A lot of wildlife and a hot spring…

…that’s what the Alaska Highway offered to us after Watson Lake. Of course not to forget the stunning landscape. The first animal was a single huge bison, followed a little bit later by a single bear. Then we encountered a big herd of bisons on both sides of the road and on the road. After several hours of driving through nowhere, we arrived in the middle of nowhere, the campsite at the Liard river hot springs. (In Canada, there are a lot of “nowheres”, and in between these nowheres, there sometimes is something with a name, and this is then “the middle of nowhere” – also quite common here around…) The hot spring is located in the forest and can be reached by a 400 m wooden pathway through a wetland. This wetland is a tempting place for moose, because the grass there is very nutritious, due to the water of the hot spring. So we were lucky to see some moose twice. The next day we scored again, when we saw a cariboo – so the big three (bison, bear, cariboo) were complete.

And by the way, for all non-native English speakers: in North America the “Elch” is called “moose” (Alces alces) and an “elk” is a Wapiti deer (Cervus canadensis)… how confusing is that??

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