Yukon, northbound

At the end of the Stewart-Cassiar-Hwy we entered the Yukon. Also a quite big territory of Canada and so it took us 2 days to reach our next target, the Kluane/Mt. St. Elias Nationalparks. On the way we stopped in Whitehorse to stock up because most towns in this region only have small grocery stores. Whitehorse is by far the biggest town around – with about 27.000 inhabitants. And it is also the gate to Yukon and Alaska for a lot of tourists – even a plane of Condor airlines is flying directly from Germany once a week to Whitehorse.

We stayed in the area of the nationalparks for 4 nights in three different locations. The nationalparks represent the largest non-polar icefield in the world. To get a better look at these icefields we took a scenic flight, but the weather allowed us only to explore one of the huge glaciers – in this case it was 60km long and max. 5km wide. Even though we didn’t see the core area of the icefield, with the Mt. Logan and Mt. St. Elias ranges, the flight was absolutely worth every dollar we paid.

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