Now, that’s better…

… compared to the views we had of glaciers in Newzealand. At the beginning of our trip up north we didn’t have the village of Stewart on our radar, but a small box in our travel guide-book said it was worth a look. And it was so totally worth a look – we could already catch some glimpses of impressive glaciers on the road to Stewart. The settlement Stewart is quite a sleepy arrangement of houses and the main industry there is forestry. At least we found a very cosy place to stay.

To get to the impressive Salmon glacier we had to take the road to Hyder, which is located in Alaska (USA). Hyder promotes itself as the friendliest ghost town in Alaska (or North America or else). It is really more or less a ghost town and we simply passed through to follow the road that soon started to climb up and change into gravel. After 45min of slow advancement we could see the glacier for the first time. Still it took us another 30min to reach the final viewpoint. What should I say, it was absolutely worth the effort to drive up there.

A funny thing was that there was someone camping there and selling postcards and books. He told us that he was staying there for 2 weeks and then he was getting groceries in Stewart and returning again for 2 weeks. When he is not waiting for cars to come, he is hiking around and spoting bears. His nickname is Bear-man.

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