After 10km the road is unsealed (…), turn right into the Klusklus Forest road and follow it for 45km (…)

… and then you are at the Fingerlake Wilderness Resort. On the way we could see a bear before he fled into the dense forest. A very remote place – they run a diesel-generator, use satellite communication and the toilet is called “outhouse”. We stayed there for 2 nights in one of the rustic cabins.

To intensify the feeling of being in the wilderness we rented a canoe to explore the Finger lake – our boat was the only one on the whole lake and it took us 3,5h to paddle to the end of one “finger”. We saw several loons and bald eagles. In the evening and during the night we encountered another part of this wilderness – mosquitoes. Really, really bad – I can’t say what is more annoying, New Zealand’s sand-flies or Canada’s mosquitoes.

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