Salt Lake City

The capital town of Utah is known to the most for hosting olympic winter games a while ago. Beside that the town is the Center of the Mormon world. The Temple area in the town Center can be compared to the Vatican regarding the religious importance. It is very clean there and there are also a lot of security People.

We stayed in Salt Lake City for four nights because we needed a break after seeing so many National Parks. We found a nice accommodation there – a hut in a yard of a house beside a small river. It was located in the town but it felt like it was on the countryside. It was really great there. In the hut was a guitar and Eva discovered that she still can Play a bit and that she likes it. So we bought a guitar at a pawn shop so that she can practice more during our trip.

While we were in Salt Lake City there was a temperature drop by 20°C. All the mountains in the east were covered in snow on the tips. It worried us a bit because we planned to go further north and there we would have to drive over some passes.

3 thoughts on “Salt Lake City

  1. Hallo Ihr Beiden, ich habe mich seit längerem nicht mehr gemeldet, aber das bedeutet nicht, dass ich nicht wie bisher mit Begeisterung Euren Blog anschau. Ihr habt schon wieder so viel tolles erlebt, die Naturparks und jetzt Salt Lake City. Geht’s Euch gut? Auf den Fotos schaut Ihr jedenfalls sehr zufrieden aus. Wir denken an Euch und grüßen Euch aus der Ferne recht herzlich! Heute gibt’s bei uns wieder feinen Salat mit Kürbiskernöl!
    Liebe Grüße
    Claudia & Ernst

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