First thing to do after weekend was to visit Zion National Park. I was there in November 2013 on my own and had amazing weather and a Nationalpark more or less for me alone but next to no time. This time we had also quite good weather but even with visiting during week there was quite an amount people. Also, in summer, there is a shuttle service in place, what is smart given the geography of this dead-end valley but annoying if you want to see a lot in a limited time. Also we had to Keep in mind that we had to drive at least one and a half hour from the national park to our accommodation (a nice small B&B). On the way to the accommodation we stopped by at a newly opened german bakery and finally I could have some proper bread (at the Counter the bread was tagged as “Friesenkruste”) again.

3 thoughts on “Zion

  1. From my point of view (so far, I can only tell from your pictures), this is one of the most awesome national parks in the USA.

    1. …so far… – i bet – soon the Bryce Canyon NP pics are online and that place is even more exciting!!

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