Hollywood, Graduation ceremony, Beverly Hills, Walk of Fame, Venice Beach

Then next days, after Universal Studios, we had a tight schedule. Visiting the typical spots to see in LA and go to Michaelas MBA graduation ceremony

Hollywood sign: We drove up the hill as near as possible to make some pictures of this famous sign.

Graduation ceremony: Congratulations Michi!! Was quite interesting to witness this ceremony – really like you see it in the movies. Really, a lot of the stuff you see in Hollywood movies are real life around here and not some overdoing by Hollywood.

Beverly Hills: very neat place; we drove a bit around by car and had a look.

Walk of Fame: this was a bit disappointing. Only a very short area of the Walk of Fame was really nice. Already one block away from the Chinese Theater the street is becoming more and more shabby. I think it is not always such an honour to get a star on the walk of fame if it is far away from the theater.

Venice Beach: nice beach with a lot of alternative shops and a lot of people. Quite an amount of this people looked quite crazy and/or on drugs…

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      1. Die Schweiz ist nur deshalb neutral, weil sie nicht weiß auf welcher Seite Chuck Norris steht 🙂

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