The last stop of hour islandhopping on the hawaiian Island tour was O’ahu – it is the third largest island group but the most populated one. Honolulu is on that island. We had only 2 days there, and one and a half of this time I was sick. So we could only do a small sightseeing tour. Beside the Valley of Temples we made a stop at the Dole visitor center (totally touristic and a lots of people) and walked a bit on a beach. Even if we wanted to, this beach on this particular side of the Island was not good for swimming – only good for surfing.

So next time we will have accommodation directly in Honolulu to have a look there. But for now we´ve seen a lot. Next stop – LA.

2 thoughts on “O’ahu

  1. Hallo, Ihr Beiden! We are very impressed by the beautiful pictures and the reports you sent us. Great, what things and places you have seen on your route. We hope Robert is going well and no longer sick. While travelling you meet a lot of very, very interesting things and animals. The Little hut you rent was very nice.
    So now youare leaving the beautiful Islands of Hawaii and you are going to the US. I suppose, this will be a shock after the days in pure nature. Wir wünschen Euch eine gute Zeit und freuen uns auf weitere News. Liebe Grüße an Euch Beide und alles Gute
    Eure Claudia und Ernst

    1. Hi!

      Thanks! Of course we select the best pictures for the blog.
      I´m better but still a bit of a cold and I really hope it will vanish soon since it is already a while since I have that.

      Best regards

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