Next stop after Big Island was Maui. A name that is in line with destinations like Aruba, Fiji, Maledives, Seychelles, etc.. We experienced very fast what the result of such a name is – higher prices and a bigger, really busy airport.

Lucky us that we arrived in the off-season. So we received also a bigger car than the one we booked. It was bigger, but I think it I´ve never drove a car that was ugglier. But it was good to handle and we managed somehow to drive 500 miles on this small Island. The reason for this was that we did a lot of activities this time which were located everywhere on the Island. And also our accomodation wasn´t that great that we felt a need to stay longer there than necessary.

So, what did we do:
– we drove the legendary road to Hana – in high season this road must be a completely jammed with tourists in their rental cars. The road is on the rainy side of Maui, so there is a rainforest. Here and there are nice waterfalls with pools that the People found amazing, specially for swimming. But honestly, after the waterfalls and pools in the Karijini National Park this was a bit lame. I mean water in the rainforest is not that miracle – in a dry prairie it is.
– we drove also to Lahaina, located on the dry side of Maui
– we did some whalewatching; it was quite the end of the season for that, but we were lucky. In the high-season for whale watching it is more like that the ships have troubles to stick to the guidelines to be 100 yards away of a whale because there are so many.
– we did a snorkling trip by ship
– we drove up to Haleakala twice. Once for sunset and once for sunrise.

2 thoughts on “Maui

  1. Austria: 11 PM
    Hawai’i: 11 AM
    Exactly 12 hours time difference because of daylight saving time in Europe. I didn’t know this till now.

    Well, our sunday is over, yours is still going on. I’m sure, you see and make great things right now. Enjoy it.

    Good night.
    Felix (is sleeping since about 8 PM, but yesterday and the day before he has been awake till 11 PM),
    Astrid und Stefan

    1. Hi!
      For about half a year it is 13 hours because Hawaii is not partcipating in the nonsense called daylight saving time.
      Best regards

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