Ningaloo Reef National Park

The Ningaloo Reef is famous for one thing in particular  – here you can go snorkelling with whalesharks. When we heard that we would be there at the right time for doing that, we didn’t hesitate. We booked a Manta Ray snorkelling tour for the 25th and the Whaleshark tour for the 26th. When we arrived at Coral Bay the sky was cloudy and the small village was overcrowded (still Easter Holidays). The next morning it was still cloudy, but the Manta Ray tour started as scheduled. The tour included three snorkelling stops – one with the Manta Rays. As you can see on the pictures, there was a lot to see and it was really impressive for us, as we had never been to a coral reef before. We swam with three impressive Manta Rays (~4 m wingspan) , who were doing loops in the water to graze for plankton, and we saw some more from the boat. It was a real “Wow-Feeling!! But shortly before we arrived at snorkelling spot number three, it started to rain and the wind strengthened up. We started to freeze on the boat, because this boat was not prepared for such a weather. At the beginning no one of the group was keen to go back into the rough water, but since the skipper said we would stay at this place for some more time to wait if the weather gets better,  I said I would go into the water. The funny thing was that the water felt so warm as if jumping into a freshly prepared hot bathing tub. So more people joined me in the water, Eva got in too. Unfortunately the rainfall didn’t stop, but even increased instead, so we arrived completely soaked at our campsite. Luckily the tent stayed dry even after 5h of heavy rain. Rain stopped during nighttime and the sky cleared up. So we could sleep in our tent and we were also optimistic that the whaleshark tour would take place as planned. But unfortunately it rained again the next morning, so the tour was cancelled.

So we have to come back for the whalesharks in a few years…

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