Karijini National Park

This one was really a highlight on our trip through Western Australia. We drove really, really far (one-way something like 2000km from Perth) to get to this park, but it was worth it. We had a campsite in the town Tom Price, which is about 1h away from the national park. There would have been two campsites at the national park, but they both had only basic facilities (wouldn´t have been that bad) and both were quite exposed to the sun, meaning next to no shadow (that did matter a lot since it had something around 38 degrees during daytime).

So the park faces high temperatures and there is not so much vegetation for shadow – so on the first look it is prairie like we have seen the hundreds of kilometres before. But the Karajini National Park is special because of the gorges where water is running through. At certain areas these rivers change to little lakes and the people call them pools. They call them pools because you can do a short hike and then you can swim there. So 38 degrees at the parking lot, then it gets a bit colder during the hike down to the bottom of the gorge and then it gets very cool as soon as you are in the water. A marvellous experience with a lot of intense colours and drastic changes of the lighting – my camera produced the most time too dark or too bright pictures. At least some of them became reasonable…..

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