Daily Archives: April 15, 2014

Threethousand threehundred and twentysomething…

… – that’s the amount of kilometers we drove within five and a half days. Doing a car relocation can be pretty stressful, but it is much cheaper than just renting a similar camper for this. Sometimes it felt like a neverending drive, specially in the Outback. So, to give this adventure the credit it deseves, I decided to create the biggest post of this blog up to now.

First thing after Melbourne was the Great Ocean Road. The weather was not so good, but still reasonable. We expected this road to be much more impressive in fact. Only at the end we really could enjoy this detour when we saw the Twelve Apostles (nowadays not 12 anymore) and the London Bridge (partly collapsed too). From the end of the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide it felt like eternity to drive.

We didn’t stop in Adelaide because there was no time and also we were told it is not worth visiting. So again a day with only driving – around 11 hours to reach Coober Pedy. One hour before we reached the town it started raining – it rained a lot. Unbelieveable for us, because we expected hot and dry weather in the Outback. We were told in Coober Pedy that such an intense rainfall that lasts for days happens only every 10 years. Lucky us…. We visited the Old Timers Mine and several underground churches. Tom’s Working Opal mine was flooded and couldn’t be visited. So, we resumed driving on earlier than expected.

Next day we reached the Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park. Weather was dry but with some clouds. When there was a bigger window with no clouds you could feel how strong the sun is. I’d absolutely not recommend to visit this place during summertime. We had something around 27 degrees and that was nice. But the flies are a pest at this place. Most People use hats with a mesh that keeps the flies away from the face. We survived without it, specially because we were told that the amount of flies right now is very low. Uluru was impressive as expected, specially the side you never see on pictures. Pictures are mostly taken from the sunset or the sunrise spots, because then the colour of the rock is more intense. So the backside is not of such an interest, at least for postcards and for travelling magazines. On the backside you can see a gorgeous structure that I would best describe as organic.

We drove also a Little bit further to the Kata Tjuta. Also very impressive as it can be seen on the pictures. Specially the green oases between the rocks were very surprising for us.

Sadly we had only one day at the Uluru and surroundings – but what can you do. The last 500km to Alice Springs felt again like a neverending drive. Main reason – there is nothing. Absolutely nothing – the landscape is most of the time the same and animals are next to never to see. At least we had luck to see Emus, but not a single Kangaroo during this long trip (we saw a lot of warning signs, that’s all).

Alice Springs – not much to say about that town. It’s there and it is a very important settlement for this region. It is a very tidy and good looking town, specially if you have seen Coober Pedy days before. There we saw at least 3 mid-sized Kangaroos in a public park.

After this trip we now have  a very good understanding of the dimensions of this country. It was good to do it, despite the exhausting drive.