The southernmost point for us – at least for some months

NZ promotes a series of walks as “Great Walks”. Theses walks are usually at least 3 day hikes and they are rarely in a circuit and often overcrowded. We looked for one that is a circuit and not so busy. We found that the Rakiura track suits best to our demands. A 3 day walk on the quite lonely Steward Island. All the huts on this or other tracks are self-contained, so nothing to buy there (no “Hüttenwirt”). Only bunk beds, a public room with a wood stove, toilets and water from a rainwater tank are available at these huts. So, everything that will be needed in three days has to be carried, except water. Dried food and something to heat up water are the first choices for such trips. We bought some oatmeal sachets and tea bags for breakfast, fruits and cereal bars for lunch and powder soup and chinese noodles for dinner. Overall we did fine with our supplies, but there was room for improvement. The track itself was easier than we expected – we could have done it in 2 days, but we had already pre-booked out place in both huts. Sleeping was not easy – if 10 people are sleeping in one room there is an incredible high chance to have at least one snorer (only if you are lucky – we had always at least 2). Hardest part was the path between the 2 huts because there you got a “green out” (referring a bit to whiteout) – for nearly 5 hours only jungle with no idea how far you still have to go. Sadly we didn´t manage to see a Kiwi – the chances to do so are much higher when you buy yourself a seat in a professional Kiwi spotting tour or when you do the 12-day track on Stewart Island. Overall Steward Island can be recommended for people who don´t want to be reached – no cell phone reception (even not at the village at the wharf) and the GPS of the cell phones needed also much longer to get a signal. I don´t think we will visit a more remote place here in NZ – in Australia it may be very well possible.

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