Destination Mt. Cook

New Zealand’s highest mountain is the Mt. Cook. We decided to go from Christchurch, after a short visit of the Banks peninsula, to the Mt. Cook National Park and do some hikes and stay overnight at the camping site. We were lucky and had at least one very nice day there. The glaciers on this side of the New Zealand southern alps are not very big because the most of the rain- & snowfall is on the west side (we will visit the Franz-Josef and the Fox Glacier on the west coast later on). The night in the tent was the coldest we had so far – we should have used our tremendous small lightweight trekking tent instead of the newly bought three persons tent. We bought the new tent because sometimes the trekking tent is simply too small, but the smallness secures a warmer climate inside the tent. Nevertheless it was a great stay because we could hear during the night sounds of falling off parts of the glacier – like a thunder in the distance.

The morning was not so welcoming – the wind strengthen up and nearly destroyed our new tent. We decided to have breakfast in the public shelter of the camping site – good decision, because shortly after we settled down there spray rain made the outside even more uncomfortable. So no further hike in this region.


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4 thoughts on “Destination Mt. Cook

  1. During the day with sunshine it is pretty warm – but as soon as the sun vanishes it´s getting cold. And during the night with wind and with clear sky it becomes very, very cold……

      1. I´m cutting onions – good thing about cooking on a campground is that the intense smell of onions nobody bothers.

  2. Great pictures, doesn’t look like as cold as it is… i’ll write you an email today, so: cu and have a good night 😉

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