In Sydney it had around 26 °C – without some wind and sitting or walking direct in the sun it felt like 30 at least.

Our flight to New Zealand was planned to be at 9:30 with Virgin Australia, but carried out by Air New Zealand. So we left the loft were we stayed quite early, but still it was no very cold outside. Specially Walking with our luggage kept us very warm.

At the airport at the check-in we figured out that with our booking through the opodo website  was something wrong. We paid Opodo extra Money to book the luggage for us but they didn´t. The room temperature dropped a bit while the bloodpressure rose a bit.

At the service desk they asked us for the flight ticket out of New Zealand. We were wondering why because we were still in the negotiation Phase with the travel agency for Tahiti and the travel Information site of the Austrian ministry for foreign relations aka. “Außenministerium” didn´t say something about that. The woman at the service desk stated clearly, when we don´t have a ticket out of NZ then they are not taking us on this flight. She gave us 45 min and the direction to a travel agency. Room temperature equal to Zero; bloodpressure to the maximum.

We booked hastily a flight from Auckland to Sydney for a more or less suitable time. So, no Tahiti anymore 🙁

At least we could join this flight – temperatures at the plane: too low as always

At least Christchurch welcomed us with sunshine and about 22 °C.

So, what did we learn:
– First of all: do the booking yourself and don´t wait ages until a travel agency is doing something, even if they seem professional.
– Second – check and cross-check info even when it comes from a source that seems reliable


2 thoughts on “Temperatures

  1. What a pity! We’re glad, you finally got the flight…

    Wasn’t there any possibility to already book the flight from NZ to Tahiti? Or didn’t you, in that case, have enough time for that?

    Your conclusion to all this sounds like “don’t trust anyone” – but maybe there’s some truth in it. Let me close my comment with a sentence from my “Murphys law” poster, stating:
    “If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something”


    1. Hi!
      We thought about that but the Prices of the flights already increased or at least the People in the travel agency couldn´t find the cheaper ones. With more time it would be easier to find a better solution, but the Damokles sword of not flying to NZ was to fearsome to us that we had to decide quickly.
      BTW.: I sent a mail to our Außenministerium a week ago regarding this issue with the missing info and up to now i didn´t hear crap.

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