Any ideas and recommendations…

… for our upcoming destinations: New Zealand, mainland Australia and Hawaii?

Please let us know about nice places you have already visited and things you have done in these countries. Or about things you would have liked to do, but that you have missed and want us to do now ;P

We are very curious about your experiences and suggestions.

But please no parachute jumps, sailing flights or five-star hotels…remember we are on a low budget 😉

3 thoughts on “Any ideas and recommendations…

  1. In South Island, Queen Charlotte Track is something worth checking, it’s easy to do a day trip there. In North Island, Tongariro crossing is very very popular but still very nice with varying landscape. Te Papa museum in Wellington was by far the best museum in the whole country ten years ago. And it’s free! 🙂 Rotorua is great with mud pools and geysirs and stuff like that. I also loved the penguins near Dunedin but I guess you’ll have the chance to see a lot more penguins in South America.

    Enjoy New Zealand!

    1. Hi!
      Thx – we will check the things you metioned – except Dunedin. We passed this town already.
      Best regards

    2. Queen Charlotte Track – not done
      Tongariro Crossing – done
      Te Papa – done
      Roturua – partly done
      Dunedin – we were there, but only passing through

      Thx for the hints

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