The last few days we were driving from Hobart (first stop Mt. Wellington) to Port Arthur (there one night camping), from there up the east coast to the Bay of Fires (one day camping at a free of charge camping site) and finally we arrived on the north coast at Low Head (there one night camping).

We were not so lucky with the weather so we didn´t make a stop at the Wineglass Bay. But nevertheless we saw many nice places. And we saw already a lot of animals – I will show a collection in a seperate blog entry later on.

Sadly I recognized too late that some of the pictures aren´t rotated – but now they are on the server and since the uploading is not so easy due to the limited internet access I keep them that way – I try to do it better next time 😉

By the way – the next entry will take some time because we are entering now a more remote region – and we want to do some hikes.


3 thoughts on “Eastcoast

  1. So now I will be tracking you. You are way better than me at keeping a blog. Looking forward to animal photos. The animals are the main reason to go to Oz.

  2. Heureka – there are pictures from you – the first real proof that you really arrived somewhere and that you are not still sitting on the airport because you couldn’t find you plane 😉

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