Some Impressions

We found a good internet connection to upload some pictures.

You can see pictures of our arrival and then some pictures of the MONA – museum of old and modern art in Hobart. Great Museum! Like a piece of art that writes words with water drops, etc.

From Hobart itself I didn´t make that much pictures – I try to take Pictures when the Motive is really worth it and Hobart, yeah, it´s a nice town but nothing special to photograph.

We are travelling now with a car to the north – let´s see how often there a possibility is to add an entry.

4 thoughts on “Some Impressions

    1. Hi!

      Weather was a bit unstable during the last days. We had spray rain, simply clouded sky and of course sunshine. In the next days we want to do some hikes and so we hope for good weather.


  1. I want to see more of you 🙂 Make a smile to the camera please 🙂 and did you ever though that you are upside down now? haha
    Pfiat eich,

  2. Hi,

    I’m glad the picture upload finally worked. Interesting pictures – looking forward for more 😉


    Btw.: the “gallery” format looks very good …

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