Preparations are nearly finished…..

… but still there are some points open – so no time to relax yet.

For example: I weighted all the pieces that will be in the big backpack and it seems I will reach around 19kg – too much, so I´ve to work on it. Below you see my assembly of stuff that I´m going to take with me.


Eva was much more  succesful with her first packing attempt – without sleeping bag and without some minor stuff she achieved around 12kg for her main luggage.

To my defence, beside the bigger size of my clothes, I also carry the camping cooking equipment and the tent.

6 thoughts on “Preparations are nearly finished…..

  1. Wish you a pleasant journey, come back healthy and happy and last but not least: Have fun and enjoy this golden opportunity! 🙂

  2. Hi Globetrotters,

    We also wish a all the best for this “weltklasse” trip!
    A few hints from my side concerning the luggage: Leave the towels at home and use big travel towels instead. Use functional T-Shirts you can easily wash just with plain water. And what the hell is the blue-white blanket?

    Have a lot of fun!
    Bernd & Lisi

    1. Hi!

      Thx! Also for the hints 🙂
      I have one lightweight regular towel and one travel towel – so i think it´s ok. The blue-white blanket is for picknicking – it is well proven, we hat the same thing for Scotland and in Ireland. I think we just miss the experience in extreme-backpacking and up to now we want to take stuff with us that is convenient but unnecessary. We´ll see how we will do….


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